Fragrance Find - Thierry Mugler Alien Sunessence Sun Sapphire Edition It's the same cool/weird sci-fi inspired bottle that put the Alien scent on the map - but now there's a lighter essence, just for summer, inside.

The pink/orange orb bottle almost seems to glow - and this really does match the fragrance - a really bright, floral amber that's uplifting and at the same time maintains a nice warmth, thanks to a heavy dose of white amber that makes the dry down sensual and soothing.

The pink grapefruit was most prominent on my skin in the beginning, but the floral notes appeared very quickly - it's the monoi blossom, which is sweet and gives a island/coconut feel. I liked the way the citrus and the flowers played together - this really gave me a nice feeling of energy and I loved how different it was from not only the other Alien flankers but many of the summer scents that are currently out. Of course the bottle is collector worthy as well!

This is lovely for evening or for a big outdoor bash this spring/summer when the temps are high and you really want to stand out! - RLB

*This product was provided courtesy of Clarins Fragrance Group for reviewing purposes.

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