Nail Polish Find - Np2, Symmetric, Inc. If you haven't been able to get your hands on CHANEL's new hit shade, Particuliere, this shade from innovative the innovative line Np2 Nail Polish, is for you!

I originally raved about this line of polishes, whose design is completely unique - the top of the two tower bottles contains a small bottle of quick dry top coat, which "clicks" on top of the larger bottle with the color.

You can pop the tops off if you like, or even switch them. This design makes it super easy to apply color and top coat by yourself. This is the perfect design for travel, or just when you're on the go. The brushes fit very well in my hands and the formulas are smooth, not too thick, with a nice level of shine.

As for the color, this is really pretty. Like Particuliere, Symmetric is a warm putty grey with a touch of brown and violet. It makes a beautiful "edgier" neutral when you don't want your average beige, pink or brown. - RLB

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*This product was provided courtesy of Think Public Relations for reviewing purposes.

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