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12a.m.: Yes, this is when the day is beginning. I can hardly believe it myself because I am NOT a night owl. I wake up after a three hour nap and head to my green room at HSN to prep for the 2a.m. show. Discuss makeup looks and shades to use on each of the models based on the flow of the show and then get my own makeup done (shown, below).

12:15a.m. Jump up and down with excitement with Jessica Harlow, one of the three models on set. She won a model search contest to be here!

12:30a.m.: Quick pre-show chat with Rachel, the show host to catch up and go over details for the show.

1a.m.: Get in my pre-show zone. I really like to have an hour of quiet to think about what I'll say and relax. Do a headstand to get some blood flow to the brain. Not joking!

1:30a.m.: Change into my pink rose print Thakoon dress (it will look amazing with the set), get mic'd (we need to hook the sound pack to my bra inside my dress so I look a little hunch backed), and do last minute makeup touch ups.

1:50a.m.: On set with host, waiting impatiently! Sip Sugar Free Red Bull. Fix hair. Stand on perch so I don't look as short as I really am! (Picture, shown at left).

2:00a.m. Show starts. Heart pounds. I feel hives coming. I'm always nervous for the first few minutes and fear that I'll forget what to say when I start talking.

2:15a.m. Show is going on and Todd is on set, cheering me on. He's the best husband/partner! He sometimes holds up little cue cards so I don't forget something I know I really want to mention! Producer tells me which camera to look at on and off the whole time - you'd think it would be distracting to have someone talking in your year, but I like the direction.

3:00a.m. Show ends.

3:15a.m. Change back into my sweats and recap the show with my business partners in the green room. I like to get feedback right away - where I can improve, what worked well - so I have something to think about in the morning.

3:30a.m. Head back to the hotel, 2 minutes from HSN's campus. Stop in my friend Carol Brodie's green room - she's on HSN right now with her jewelry line, Rarities - to leave her a note.

4:00a.m.: Struggle to sleep. Stay up watching Rarities. Carol is kind of addictive to watch.

5:00a.m. Finally doze off - but not for long.

9:00a.m.: Up! Shower! Peanutbutter Lara Bar. Run back to HSN for a pre-show meeting with the buyers, my partners, the producers to discuss the next show flows, any changes, etc. Sometimes the next show flow isn't set in stone until the last minute and it's very structured - 7 minutes on one product, 15 on another, 3 on another, etc.

10:00a.m. Back to the hotel to rest up before the 2p.m. show. I blog, upload the photos I've taken, talk to mom, dad, brother, and sister-in-law to get their feedback (they're always so supportive). Catch up on any and all work, Twitter, emails.

12:00p.m. Lunch on the go at the HSN cafeteria. Possibly another Red Bull which is something I'm not proud of. But I really need the extra boost and I don't like coffee.

12:30p.m.: Hair and makeup in the green room and discuss the shades and colors for each of the models depending on the show flow.

1:00p.m. Chat with today's show host, who I am meeting for the first time. We instantly click! I know it will be a good one! And she is so into the lip product, Luvah in Mama's Boy!

1:30p.m. Pre-show ritual of a headstand before getting into my dress. This time, Derek Lam leopard print dress with a thick brown belt to cinch the waist. Yellow shoes!

2:00p.m. The show starts. The second show is always easier because I'm warmed up and I have a rhythm going. I'm much more at ease.

2:45p.m. Almost fall off my perch. Host catches me and saves me massive humiliation in front of millions!

3:00p.m. Show ends! Starving!

3:15p.m. Back in my sweats and having a green room conversation about the next show. The contest winner, Jessica, is so good on air that we want to use more of her for the 8p.m. slot.

4:00p.m. Hotel bound. On the 9th floor, they put out snacks so I raid it for carrots, water and fruit.

5:00p.m. Back to HSN to meet some of the operators. They're so important in the HSN equation because they answer the phones and talk to consumers who want to purchase or have questions. I am introducing them to the brand so I have a little table set up with the products by the massive football field size center where they do their thing. Everyone is soooooo nice! And a few of them bought Huge Lips Skinny Hips! Yay!

6:00p.m. Back to the hotel for a quick piece of salmon before I have to get back to the studio!

7:00p.m. Talk to Colleen, the show host for 8p.m. to show her the new primer, Pearlesque Show and go over the features and benefits as she gets her hair and makeup done.

7:20p.m. In my green room for my own hair and makeup while discussing show flow with everyone, from the producers to the models to my business partners.

7:30p.m. Get lured out of the green room by the intoxicating scent of David's Cookies! They're on right after us and they're prepping for their show. Mmmm.... brownies. I sneak in the kitchen and steal one... and get caught, red handed! Oops! I couldn't resist!

7:45p.m. Change into a black, blue and white feathered Proenza Schouler dress (sample sale find for $200 from over $2,000), get mic'd (sound pack is now hooked to my belt, which is so much more comfortable than the bra attachment!), and head to the set.

8:00p.m. On air! Let the show begin! I hope I have no chocolate between my teeth.

9:00p.m. That's a wrap for the day! Head back to the hotel and get ready for a full day tomorrow when I have two more shows!

10:00p.m. Good night. I need to be up by 7a.m. to start it all again and I can't see straight!

11:00p.m. Cannot sleep. Tossing and turning and tossing and turning.

12:00a.m. Get in trouble by husband Todd for making too much noise with the Blackberry clicking in bed!

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