24 Hours with...Kiara Ellozy of GEORGIA NY Beauty Boutique & Salon

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6:30a.m. Wake up with the family. Bath time for 2 boys – ages 6 and 4

7:00a.m. Catch up on work emails and Facebook

7:15a.m. Breakfast time – I’m a foodie for sure.

8:00a.m. Head out to drop off my boys at 2 different schools. Hair combed. Check. Shoes on. Check. Jackets. Check. Backpack and homework. Check. Kisses on both cheeks – goodbye!

8:45a.m. Back to the computer at home to prep for the day. We’re launching some new products for our own Georgia by G & Company line (new fragrances – so exciting!) so I’m making sure we have the quantities of product by our deadline.

9:30a.m. Check business bank accounts online. Pay bills. Talk to suppliers and arrange for product to be delivered to GEORGIA – Tocca candles and perfume, Moroccan hair oil!

9:45a.m. Entrepreneur mode: Finalize financing agreements. Review documents and discuss by phone.

10:15a.m. Leave home to head down by subway to GEORGIA at East Houston & the Bowery in Manhattan – 89A East Houston Street.

10:29a.m. Emailing about an art event scheduled for later in the week.

11:00a.m. Open the boutique & salon. Turn on some Alicia Keys. Get settled…mmmm I love the smell of the Georgia lychee and grapefruit candle in the morning!

11:01a.m. Phone rings right away and I’m speaking to a customer for our hair salon. She wants a blowout and a haircut. No problem. Will schedule.

12:00p.m. Arranging with my business partner – Jodie - to make a casual, filmed mini-movie about GEORGIA with a friend.

12:30p.m. We’re planning to host a NYC launch party for Goddess. Soulmate. Mother. Friend. – Tracy Mourning’s new skincare line - at GEORGIA and it’s time to prep the space. We plan the layout of product and flow of the party and rush to put it all in place.

12:45p.m. Lunch time break. Chicken coconut curry and rice. Mesclun salad with miso dressing.
Water. Coconut juice. Rice Krispies treats – yum!

1:00p.m. More setup for the party.

2:00p.m. On the phone with Tracy’s team learning about the pricing of the new products.

3:00p.m. Entrepreneur mode: Calculating payroll for the team. Everybody’s got to get paid!

3:30p.m. Talk to customers about product to buy in the boutique. This time, it’s a new mom looking for new jewelry to brighten her day. She talks to me about what’s going on with her. I love hearing all the stories people have!

3:59p.m. Had planned to head out early to take a break before the party but its just not going to happen as planned. Too much stuff to do….too many questions to answer!

5:30p.m. Make it home for a brief break. It’s not long but I’m going to change for the party and see my boys before they sleep. More kisses and hugs. Stories abut tae kwon do and school.

6:30p.m. Head back to GEORGIA. Came home in flats…head back in heels.

7:00p.m. By this time the party is packed. My husband is already there and some friends – so fun…

8:00p.m. Talking, mingling, drinking, more talking….great crowd!! Tracy Mourning is amazing – really. (I managed to mingle more than usual but stepped behind the sales counter to help the team when needed). Don’t remember the time but at some point (rapper-actor, and co-star of the new movie, Just Wright) Common, shows up to support Tracy. Nice.

9:00p.m. Husband heads home to relieve the babysitter. Thank you baby!

10:00p.m. Regrouping with the team. Settling accounts. Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning – we’ve got customers in the morning!!

11:00p.m. Make it home. We check in on the boys. We talk before bed. Laugh at the John Stewart show…

12:00a.m. My husband tells me to step away from the computer! Try to sleep –we’ve got work and kids in the morning!!

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Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/georgiany

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