Beauty Excursion - A Peek Inside the World of Procter + Gamble Beauty When I was a little girl of about 5 or 6 (and a budding beauty lover), I used to imagine scientists in lab coats* in locations all around the world discovering amazing ingredients and developing fantastic lotions, creams, perfumes and lipsticks - that would eventually end up on my Mother's (and then my own) dresser...

Flash forward to last week, when I took part in an exclusive Beauty Influencer trip for top beauty bloggers, editors and television hosts, to the P&G Headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio.

I was joined by some
of my favorite beauty bloggers & beauty/lifestyle television hosts from all across the country, such as Megan @DailyMakeover, BellaSugar, Polly @ BeautyBlitz, Jen Falik, Stacy Cox, Ann @TheJetSetGirls and more.....

The heads of P&G Communications, Science and Development departments, for many of P&G's Beauty and Grooming brands, such as Olay, Pantene and Cover Girl, took us on a beauty journey I will never forget!

On our very first day we were treated to a tour of the impressive P&G headquarters in downtown Cincinnati, located just two blocks from where the actual founders, (whose last names were Procter and Gamble), established their first office no less!.

Some of the highlights from the trip:

  • We had a personalized tour of the P&G archives (museum) where we learned, among other great tid bits, that Procter and Gamble started the company selling Soap and Candles. We got an overview of all the brands that P&G has either started within the company (e.g. Tide), or acquired (e.g. Max Factor, Pantene), over their 100+ year history.
  • We saw (and touched!) a John Wayne hair sample from an old Max Factor custom wigs actor's file from Hollywood, viewed an actual "Kissing Machine" (the only one known left in existence) for Max Factor lipstick from the 40's that measured the pressure of "the perfect kiss" (lol!), saw a vintage Iman Pantene Ad from the 80's with their original "Don't Hate me Because I'm Beautiful" tag line, and even saw a rare lipstick from Clairol's short-lived cosmetics line in the 60's-70's. The name? "Frail Pink". Wow!, how times have changed...
For the rest of that day, as well as the next afternoon, we went out to their P&G Innovation Center, which is a huge, sprawling campus outside of downtown Cincinnati, where many of the P&G Beauty products for face, hair and body are created, tested, produced and bottled.

We learned more about how P&G starts the product creation process for all of their beauty products, got to actually mix our own moisturizers, saw first hand how they tested the performance all of their skin care products, learned about the development of Cover Girl mascara, foundations and lip color (including some new ones they're launching, like Lash Blast Fusion!).

Then we got an education in all the different types of hair structures, the myriad of tests that P&G conducts on everything from s
hampoo and conditioner, to styling products, and got a sneak peak at the newly launched Pantene collection, which is now categorized by hair structure - fine, medium-thick, curly or color treated.

One of my favorite parts of the tour was learning about their fragrance process from their head of perfumery for all the P&G brands (the new Pantene will have blackberry and juicy plum top notes, by the way).
Stay tuned for reviews for many of these new products you see here!

*Last, but not least, I left with a personalized memento given to me from the P&G Beauty team - my very own lab coat, (pictured above), which goes to show that our childhood dreams really can come true in ways we didn't even expect! :) - RLB

Note: We also learned about P
&G's commitment to corporate responsibility, ingredient safety and animal testing policies. If you would like to inform yourself on any of these aspects of the company and their products, or have questions, please visit:

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