Beauty Find - Intraceuticals Rejuvenating Skin Care Line During my great interview with Madonna's makeup artist, Gina Brooke, she shared with me the skin care secret that she uses on Madonna, (and one of her favorite skin care/skin treatments), Intraceuticals.

Gina raved that after just one Intraceuticals Infusion treatment, skin is glowing, hydrated, fine lines minimized, skin tone evened out and perfectly prepped for makeup application. She told me that the results are not only instant but continue to improve for several days.

Sounded great to me!

Since I had never used the line, of course I became curious, and eventually got some of the star products in the Rejuvenating Line to test.

First, a little background on the Australian line, Intraceuticals and why so many spas, makeup artists and celebrities are devotees of the line. The Intraceuticals Infusion treatment utilizes a special oxygen machine, along with the Intraceutical products which are layered on the skin. There's the rejuvenating line meant to improve skin texture, hydrate and smooth fine lines and wrinkles (along with 3 other lines to target other skin concerns as well). One of the key ingredients in the line is Hyaluronic Acid, as well as antioxidants. The 3 most important steps are the pressurized oxygen applied to the skin, the rejuvenate serum and then the treatment support products.

For at home use, I used the following products to mimic the steps in the Intraceuticals Infusion treatment. Note: The treatment must be administered by a trained professional like Gina, who has a machine, or in certified Intraceutical Treatment locations, such as spas, across the country.

First, I began with the Rejuvenate Cleansing Gel, which is lightweight, and turns from gel into liquid almost immediately with contact with my skin. As I washed my face in a circular motion, I could not only feel the makeup and days debris being whisked away, but also how much hydration was immediately being put on my skin. I wouldn't say it left a film exactly, but it was a pleasant layer of moisture that I've never quite felt with another cleanser - this is a winner! The cleanser is meant to prime the skin to get the most out of the other Intraceutical products.

Next it was on to the Rejuvenate Hydration Gel. This gel is also extremely lightweight, and denser than the cleansing gel. It felt like a nice cushion on my skin, and sank in immediately. This is wonderful after flying when your skin is very dry.

The last step was applying the Rejuvenate Moisture Binding Cream. This felt silky smooth, but much thicker than either of the gel products. I loved the feel of this cream on my skin. Because of the oils it contains, like jojoba and macadamia, it was rich, but also sank in fairly quickly and left my skin rosy and soft. This cream also contains their multi-weight hyaluranic acid. The result? I woke up with skin that felt toned, glowing and almost dewy to the touch it was so hydrated.

I was very impressed with the line, and now I can see why Gina Brooke, and many others in the entertainment and fashion industry are so crazy about it. Now you can experience the skin care secret of the stars too! Next up: my review of the Intraceuticals Infusion treatment, so stay tuned... - RLB

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*Products were provided courtesy of Intraceuticals for reviewing purposes. Image courtesy of Intraceuticals.

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