Beauty Find - Tokidoki Criminally Cute Makeup Collection A few weeks ago I gave you a Tokidoki makeup collection teaser when I shared my most recent Super Cute! find - The Tokidoki Nail file and buffers with you. Now, I'm sharing more of my favorite picks from the Tokidoki line - equally as cute, and with amazing, colors, textures, packaging and most of all performance.

First up is the tokidoki Cromatico Eyeshadow Palette - Diamante (shown above). There's a lot going on in this little package! I loved these four highly pigment shades, which are all in the purple/violet family. They were smooth, easy to blend and actually hydrating too. The darker shades worked well for lining the eye, and the lighter shades could be layered underneath them as well to play with the dimension of the color.

As far as the packaging, the palette is covered with a cute Tokidoki graphic on the lid, and then once opened, there are the 4 shadows with a double ended applicator. Underneath that, there's a cute little surprise - a collectible charm that you can add to your key chain/phone/or bag.

If you're looking to make a new statement with your lashes - tokidoki Punk Lash Mascara Sabochan is the product you need!

This intense purple shade was one of my favorites - it really flatters brown/dark brown eyes. The brush has a ton of short bristles, which did a great job of creating a very full, lush lash, with nice separation too! I used it both over a black mascara as a base, and on it's own. So fun for night time!

More great features were: the formula didn't flake or run, it kept my lashes nice and soft during the day and it was easy to remove.

The tokidoki Kabuki Brush is a fun makeup accessory that's perfect for applying the bronzers and blushes, and also makes a great little beauty gift for someone in your life as well.

It's super soft, with very high quality bristles. Because it's short (about 3.5 in tall), it will also fit easily in most makeup bags.

If there's just one thing you can afford to pick up from this collection (other than the very reasonable Tokidoki Nail Accessories), I would say it would be the tokidoki Prisma Lip Gloss Adios (shade not shown in picture).

This is a super high shine lip gloss which has a tasty blueberry flavor that's not too sweet, and is completely non-sticky, amazingly light and very hydrating as well. The applicator, made from silicone, has a unique flat shape, called a "paddle", which allowed a really smooth, consistent application of the color on my lips. The color, a sheer grape, was very nice and can be worn over a more neutral lipstick, or on bare lips for just a touch of color.

So not only do you get a great lip gloss formula, but the packaging takes it to the next level - the top of the gloss wand is an actual mini-snow globe that contains the various Tokidoki characters. Adios, the sheer grape shade I used, features the little devil character by the same name, Adios.**

For all the girls (and guys) who love sparkle on the eyes - this is one of the most fun glitter eye liners I've come across recently. Tokidoki Brillante Glitter Eyeliner SANDy is a pretty green shade, named after the popular Tokidoki Cactus character SANDy.

There are a ton of little light-reflecting glitter in it that really take the color up a notch. The possibilities for creating looks are endless with this pencil, and all the colors in the line.

My favorite way to use it was with bronzy/copper eye shadow shades and using a bit of black on the top and water line for definition first, before applying. It goes on very smoothly, yet is also easy to draw a fine or thicker line if you wish. It set pretty quickly, and then did not move, fade or smudge at all throughout the day.

Go-->tokidoki Punk Lash Mascara Cactus Rocker

Go-->tokidoki Prisma Lip Gloss Adios

Go-->tokidoki Brillante Glitter Eyeliner SANDy

Go--> tokidoki Cromatico Eyeshadow Palette - Diamante

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*These products were provided courtesy of DeVries PR for reviewing purposes.

**To learn more about all of the Tokidoki characters used in the cosmetics line, click here

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