Beauty Innovation - Avon ANEW REVERSALIST Illuminating Eye System Products for the eye area are the bane of existence for many women - a product may be hydrating, for example, but not effective or concealer-friendly, or it may promise to help with dark circles, but not really deliver...

Several weeks ago I began using Avon ANEW REVERSALIST Illuminating Eye System and now I'm convinced that I've found another eye cream that really does deserve your dollars.

The eye system consists of an eye cream in the bottom half of the jar, and a "Sheer Veil" (highlighter) in the top half.

The cream felt light, fluffy and airy - a real treat especially when coupled with a little under eye massage in the evening. The first time I used it I was instantly impressed with my eye area in the morning - my skin was smooth, brighter and felt a little firmer and toned too. A little cream was all that's needed, and the jar is quite large, so this will also last several months.

That next morning I cleansed and then applied the cream again, with a few pats (patting not rubbing is the way to go!) of the sheer veil on top - and wow! The slightly golden tone and illuminating particles (very tiny - not too shimmery) in the veil, immediately brightened my under eye area and really did camouflage the slight dark circles nicely. I followed up with concealer on most days, but after about a week or so, I tried just using the veil, and I have to say I was very impressed with how great my eyes looked. There was marked improvement in the under eye area in particular - no question about it.

After several more weeks using the duo consistently, I have to say my eye area looks even better and this is a real AVON gem! I never have to worry about my eyes looking less than their best with a twice daily dose of the cream and morning layer of the veil. I should also mention that both the cream and the veil can be worn with concealer/foundation, and I found that it didn't interfere with application, wear or the shade of these products. - RLB

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Britta Perry said...

I love Avon products. They have all sorts of products that everyone can select depends on their style and mood. And I love that they represent the essence of being a women. It is truly a company for women. I think I might try this one.