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Prescriptives If you're currently dismayed by scarring as a result of a recent surgery, cuts, hyperpigmentation from a bad acne outbreak, or even from an accidental burn, you'll want to know about my latest discovery.

It's called InviCible Advanced Scar Therapy and it truly is a miracle product which will significantly reduce the appearance of your scars (and in some cases make them disappear altogether!).

The product was developed 5 years ago by Texas-based, and nationally recognized reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Minas Chrysopoulo. Along with a team of chemists and PhD's Dr. Chrysopoulo created the formula which is now InviCible. The three main ingredients that make this treatment different from other scar treatment products are: ProBiosyn-4, Dual Vitamin C Complex and Silicone Gel.

I had a few scars as a result of a little shoe snafu a few months ago which were perfect for using the treatment cream on. I loved the silky, lightweight texture and how concentrated it was (just one pump for each scar 2x day is what I used).

Within 1 week I noticed the scars lighten up, but also start to blend in more with the texture of my overall skin. After about 2 more weeks, the scars were about 50% lighter in color, almost matching my skin tone, and they began "shrinking" in their diameter, so they also appeared smaller. I've continued using for almost 3 months and the scars are now almost completely gone.

I also tried this on small little discolorations on my arms/hands and this product was also effective as reducing these as well. It's important to note that I also was careful with applying sunscreen daily on the affected areas to make sure that the scars did not continue to darken.

So, you may be wondering, how much does such an effective product like this cost? Well, it is does have a luxury price tag ($80), but I have to say that for such safe, effective, advanced product, (which will easily last 3 or more months depending on your needs), it is another investment in your skin that is worth every penny! - RLB

Note: All that's needed for application is anywhere from a 1/2 squeeze of the pump, to 2 full squeezes of the pump. The company has put together a very handy chart to tell you the amount needed for the type of scarring you have.

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This product was provided courtesy of Lori Diamond PR for reviewing purposes.


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