Beauty Innovation - Talika Lipocils Expert, Inc. Talika has several products for the eye area (and hands) that I'm just crazy about - not only are they luxurious, and easy to use, but extremely effective.

Their new Talika Lipocils Expert can join my cast of Talika favorites now. Talika Lipocils Expert is an eyelash treatment that uses an exclusive and unique combination of vegetable extracts to stimulate eyelash growth and revitalize weakened eyelashes.

The brand claims that in just 28 days your lashes can be longer, thicker, darker and curlier.

I jumped right in with enthusiasm to start using it because - I mean, who doesn't want all of these qualities in their lashes (and not have to use a prescription product with possible side effects), in a month?

I first fell in love with the applicator - it includes a soft angled sponge tip which allowed me to apply the gel formula to penetrate the roots of my lashes. Further down on the wand, a brush applicator is included, for conditioning the lashes, which I swiped in the same manner as I would a mascara.

I really liked how smooth and soothing the gel felt on my lash roots and the the lashes themselves. I used it am and pm, and also found that it made a great lash primer for my mascara. Indeed, after about 2 weeks, I could definitely tell that my lashes were thicker, and slightly longer. With additional use, I could even tell that when removing eye makeup in the evening, I never had any stray lashes on my cotton ball. I didn't experience any eye irritation or redness from using the product.

Now just a little over a month since I began using it, I see further additional length, and my lashes are full and always soft to the touch.

This is a easy, fantastic, investment in maintaining and enhancing naturally, one of our most cherished and decorated facial features! - RLB

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*This product was provided courtesy of Fournier Communications for reviewing purposes., Inc.

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