Impulse Buy of the Week - Aqua Bunny Crème to Powder Splash Proof Bronzer Too Faced has created the ultimate summer beauty item for those of you who love to GLOW...
Too Faced Aqua Bunny Crème to Powder Splash Proof Bronzer.

It's a cream-to-powder water-resistant bronzer. That means that you'll keep your bronzy finish in summer heat, humidity, playing on the beach and even the pool!

Oh, and it smells like Pina Colada too...

Too Faced Aqua Bunny Crème to Powder Splash Proof Bronzer is a deep golden brown shade with a touch of peach/orange. It's very soft and dry to the touch. It was very easy to apply with my fingers, a blender sponge and the flat brush, housed underneath the bronzer case (this is the best tool if you only want a very light layer of the bronzer). It's a blendable formula, so take a little extra time to do this, as it can look splotchy if you don't.

The Pina Colada scent of the bronzer was pretty authentic, fun and a win for me (I also got suntan lotion notes). However, it was subtly present throughout the day, so this may not be for you if you are very sensitive to scents and/or don't care for tropical scents.

This is a buildable bronzer, so if you are very fair, you can add on as you need to create a realistic bronze effect. For darker and brown skin, this is the perfect highlighter on cheekbones, brow bones and even mixed with a cream blush to create beautiful glow and color. However, on very dark brown skin this will not show up very well.

The finish is matte, with no shimmer or glimmer, which makes it perfect for everyday wear, the office and of course, because of it's advanced technology, the beach, pool or park! It's hydrating, but with no shiny or oily look, as it turns into the powder formula almost immediately and sets. As it states, it really is budge proof - no running, evaporating or smudging.

Now you can spend the summer looking like a bronze goddess - and with your very own "virtual" Pina Colada cocktail wherever you go!

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