Impulse Buy of the Week - DuWop Icedteas Translucent Lip Treatment, inc. I can't think of a better impulse buy in May than a translucent colored lip treatment with the taste of one of the official drinks of summertime - iced tea!

The shades in the new DuWop Icedteas Translucent Lip Treatment range from see-through pink and orange, to fuchsia and red - are so bright and cheery.

These also serve double duty as a lip treatment, combined with sunscreen. I loved the jello-like look of these, and the fact that they provided a nice swipe of color (a very sheer red in the case of the strawberry/kiwi flavor), shine and great moisture. They weren't sticky, greasy or gooey.

The lip treatment really did smell and taste like some of the yummiest varieties of ice teas - DuWop Icedteas Translucent Lip Treatment Passionfruit and DuWop Icedteas Translucent Lip Treatment Strawberry Kiwi were two of my favorites. The flavors were nicely balanced with fruit and sweetness, and didn't overwhelm me during the day. The treatment worked well over my bare lips, as well as over a deeper lipstick shade.

I definitely recommend picking up a few of these flavors for sheer, easy beauty looks this summer! -RLB

*This product was provided courtesy of DuWop for reviewing purposes.


Sloan said...

The lipstick color is so nice. It's my favorite shade.

Ouidad Blog said...

Iced tea flavored lipstick? Yummy! Fabulous that it doubles as a moisturizer and sunscreen as well. My lips also tend to get chapped in the summer if I spend to much time outside! You're right, it is a great impulse buy!

Katie for Ouidad