Let Your Eyebrows Go Bold This Summer

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If you haven't given up on "America's Next Top Model" yet, you know that one of the current cycle's contenders, Raina, is all about the bold brows. At first, it's a little jarring (those are some serious eyebrows!), but she rocks it in a way that's totally fierce and makes her piercing blue eyes stand out even more rather than overshadowing them. So using her as high-fashion inspiration, I've been trying to grow out my own over-tweezed brows to cop a similarly strong-framed face (well, perhaps not quite as bushy). However, bold eyebrows aren't as simple as just letting them run wild -- they require maintenance!

Unfortunately you can't just let your brows go natural and expect to look like Brooke Shields. You still need to
tweeze and trim (no, it's not counterproductive), and sometimes incorporate the help of gel and shadow to get that a strong look that's still clean and stylish. That's why I'm totally loving the all-inclusive brow kits that our favorite beauty brands have released, some even specifically for channeling the thicker look. These sets eliminate the need to track down a bunch of different products to achieve your ideal brow by including everything from tweezers and stencils to liners and highlighters. Just make sure to not go too wild with the trend; there's a fine line between Jordana Brewster and Groucho Marx!

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