Protect Your Pucker With These SPF Lip Glosses!

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One thing that's bound to cramp your style this summer is dry, chapped lips. In the midst of your paranoid SPF 70 sunscreen applications, you may have inadvertently left one important, susceptible area unprotected -- your lips! Unfortunately, a swipe of plain 'ol lip gloss doesn't always cut it when it comes to heavy-duty sun protection, but on the flip side, sunblock-infused Chapstick is just so... dull. Lucky for us makeup mavens who also happen to love some quality sunny time outdoors, some of our favorite beauty brands have summer-approved versions of their best-selling lip glosses to keep our smoochers safe all season long!

Addicted to Clinique? No problem -- their fan-favorite Glosswear comes equipped with SPF 15. Philosophy's Supernatural Gloss also takes pride on serving triple-duty with its intense glossiness, sheer color, and SPF 15. I bet no ordinary Chapstick of yours can say it does all 3! However, you don't need to head to the department store beauty counter to get your lips the full treatment; even Revlon and other drugstore brands have got you covered (in shine, color, and SPF) on a smaller budget! Of course, it never hurts to wear a little extra SPF under your makeup, but with these glossy alternatives, you'll never have to sacrifice shininess for sunscreen!

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Sloan said...

All the colors are just amazing. I like to have one for my lips. Thanks for sharing.