Beauty Find - Olay Regenerist Mirco-Sculpting Serum While I've shared serums with you that I love and recommend highly, very few of them can be found in your local drugstore. Now that's all changed with Olay Regerenist Micro-Sculpting Serum. This is the latest product in the ever-popular Olay Regenerist skin care lineup. It's a super concentrated serum that gives remarkable results and provided an experience very similar to that of much more expensive products (the serum is around $24).

What I loved about the serum was the beautiful creamy, light texture. Since it's very concentrated I only had to use 1 pump (about a pea-sized amount) to cover my skin. Once on my skin, it not only absorbed immediately, but also gave a pleasant sensation of almost "misting" my skin with additional water. I used the serum underneath my regular moisturizers and makeup every day. Within a week I could really feel and see a difference in the firmness and overall brightness of my skin.

Not only did I get the immediate effects, but the serum contains Power Release Emulsion Technology, which continues to deliver moisture and help the skin retain it for over 24 hours! The serum was non-pore clogging, and didn't interfere with any of my other products or makeup. I also noticed that it truly delivered moisture during the day - after a recent plane trip for instance, when my skin would normally feel fairly dry,my skin was just a hydrated and smooth as it was in the morning - a great benefit for a frequent traveler if you ask me!

As an added bonus, the serum contains little micro shimmer particles, which also make it the perfect primer for makeup, laying the canvas for a more radiant look easily and quickly. - RLB

Go--> Available on June/July. In stores now.

This product was provided courtesy of DeVries PR for reviewing purposes.

FS $25, GC

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