Father's Day Find - Gucci by Gucci Sport Pour Home EDT

Sephora.com, Inc.Men around the nation can expect a fragrance for their Father’s Day gift this year - but why not make it a chic, fresh scent that will not only delight their sense of smell, but also visually make them feel great?

Gucci By Gucci Pour Homme Sport features notes of grapefruit, mandarin, cypress, lemon, cardamom, fig, vetiver, patchouli and ambrette seeds.

The top, opening notes are extremely bracing citrus, blended with a slight mint note. It's not for the faint of heart- but after a minute or so, it settles down into a lovely masculine "freshness" that smelled great on my tester (aka: my husband).

The scent is extremely long lasting (the man in your life won't have to worry about adding a body spray during the day!), and has a very long, sensual, dry down. It's woody and dry with a touch of sweetness from the patchouli notes, and later, it's even a little savory/salty in it's feel.

I absolutely love the bottle and think many men will really respond to this as a gift. The silver horse bit bottle top and shape of the bottle are elegant and luxurious in feel, while still simple enough that men won't find it too over the top or "abstract". It does indeed give a sophisticated "sporty" feel with the color of the scent (a mint green that evokes water/ocean and a fresh summer feeling) and the classic three Gucci stripes in the outer packaging.

The fragrance is sold in 50 and 90ml EDT, as well as after shave lotion and balm, deodorant and shower gel. This will be a "home run" as your Father's Day gift (get the sport reference there?) - RLB

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*First Image courtesy of Gucci

*This product was provided courtesy of PR Consulting for reviewing purposes.

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