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FragranceNet.comWhat I've found over the years is Thierry Mugler's fragrances elicit either a strong "Love it" or "Dislike it" opinion - there's really nothing in between for most people.

Thierry Mugler's first fragrance, Angel, (based on Chocolate notes), is still one of the best selling perfumes world wide - it's also one which many people absolutely do not like.
Mugler's third and latest fragrance, Womanity, is a complete departure from both Angel and his 2nd scent, Alien, (which is based on Amber) in that it's the first ever fragrance based on sweet and savory notes - specifically fig and caviar.

This combination might strike some of you as an odd coupling right off the bat - and to be sure, if you are a Angel fan (a sweet gourmand), this may not be for you at all. However, if you're like me and love long lasting, memorable scents that have citrus, marine, salty and drier sweet notes, this will be a winner for you as it was for me.

The opening on my skin picked up the primary sweet note - the fig. This particular essence of the fig fruit was extracted using a revolutionary new technique called Molecular Distillation, which allowed the perfumers to fully recontruct the aromatic body of the fig.
This fig note is sweet, "creamy" and while very present on my skin, not "loud" by any means. Some citrus made it's way in the opening of the scent as well, which balanced the fig out for me.
Soon, I began detecting that oceanic, somewhat salty caviar note, which I just loved - it turned into an almost musk-like smell with the dry down of the scent. The warmer part of the dry down is from the fig wood and fig leaf, and this gave it the sensual dimension that Mugler's scents are known for.

You'll also note that once again Mugler has created an original, statement making bottle to house Womanity. It's a bit tribal, mysterious and rocker "edgy" all at the same time with the silver totem head detail and chain-ring attached to the bottle opening. Which makes sense. Mugler wanted this scent to reflect the infinate expressions of womankind. He says that "It's a muscial fragrance tuned to the emotions of the woman who wears it."

To Mugler's point, I can say is that it smelled wildly different from person to person when I was at the Womanity fragrance launch event. On me, as I mentioned, the fig stayed with me a long time until the more marine-caviar and milky notes appeared. On others, the citrus was very prominent, on still other friends the milky, drier notes.

I think if you're in the market for a brand new scent experience, or are a real Mugler fragrance fan, you will be very pleased to add Womanity to your fragrance collection. - RLB


*Womanity products were provided courtesy of Clarins Group for reviewing purposes.

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