Nail Polish Find - In the Mood Color Changing Nail Polish, inc. Remember that mood color lipstick that you picked up in the drug store years ago? (OK, well I did).

Today, a nail company has found a way to turn that same fun idea turned into a brilliant product for nails!
It's nail polish which changes color based on your body temperature/ mood, and it's called, fittingly, In The Mood, color changing Nail Polish.

As shown on the left with the bottles pictured, the top color is the shade that I got when I first applied the nail polish.

For my toes, I first tried Blissful, (shown at the top) which is a cool Mediterranean blue/turquoise. The formula was very smooth, with a medium thickness and a nice gloss. It dried very quickly which I also loved.

To test the color changing abilities, I then went into the pool, and immediately looked at my toes and saw the second shade, which is
shown on the bottom of each bottle, in this case more of a light jade green.

I loved looking at my toes throughout the day and seeing a different shade (it changed again when I got out of the shower with the heat).
This also makes it the perfect little indulgence for summer when you're in sandals and open toed shoes all season.

This is a perfect novelty product for the nail polish lover who has it all, and makes a great little beauty gift for a party/gift bag. Some other great shades I loved playing with were Hyper (second bottle from top), and Mellow (shown at the bottom).

Available June/July at
TheMoodPolish $8

*These products were provided courtesy of Bluesky Communications for reviewing purposes.

FS $25, GC

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