Put A Twinkle In Your Eye With Shimmer Mascara

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Shimmer mascara is a beauty product so often overlooked -- either because it's deemed as too unnecessary, too garish, or just scarily unknown -- but I personally think it's way underrated. Sure, it may be unnecessary, but then again, most fun beauty products are... but garish? No way. While the thought of clumps of glitter stuck in your eyelashes sounds borderline horrific, shimmer mascara is way more subtle than it sounds. It uses the finest of glitter to give your lashes just a hint light-reflective sparkle for a pretty twinkle that couldn't look too showy even if you tried by piling on multiple coats. It's perfect when paired with a matte eyeshadow (too much sparkle is a definite no-no) to highlight just your lashes and make them really pop.

My favorites are
Too Faced Electric Lash, which serves double-duty by providing both a matte mascara with a matching shimmery topcoat, and Smashbox 24K Top Coat, which gives lashes a warmer sparkle that looks great with taupe or chocolate brown shadow. I also love Cover Girl's Lash Blast Luxe, but while it boasts a base and shimmer in one, I find that I get the best results when I treat it just as a top coat over a separate matte mascara, just to make sure I have bold definition (my first lash priority, of course!) before I add a hint of sparkle. Overall, shimmery mascara is a fairly easy look to pull off, as long as you keep the sparkle to just your lashes and make sure you keep them neat, defined, and de-clumped (sparkly spider lashes aren't cute)!

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