Travel Beauty Find - Suite Arrival So you've packed all your clothes, shoes and accessories for that fabulous trip to Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York....

Now you just have to figure out how many toiletries/cosmetics and personal care products to pack - and not risk them being throw out by the airport security - or just weighing you down!

Well, I've discovered a fantastic new service that every traveling beauty lover is going to want to try. It's called Suite Arrival and it's a site where you can order kits containing any number of personal care and cosmetic items and have it waiting just for you when you arrive at your hotel.

The thought of being able to leave some of my essential items like shampoo, toothbrush, makeup remover at home and have them delivered to my hotel seemed like a dream come true, so I used the service for a recent trip.

It was very easy to navigate the Suite Arrival site and browse through the categories or brands that I was looking for, and then put together a customized kit, which also allowed me to choose the number of each item I needed e.g. 2 mouth washes, 1 shampoo, etc. Easy.

Then I just created an account and followed the checkout procedure to enter in my hotel information and date of check in and voila!, I was done.

The packages arrived safe and sound (packed to perfection), to my hotel - right on time during my first day there. There were even a few additional snack samples thrown in for me to try which I loved from brands like Sahale Snacks and Peeled Snacks. Brilliant! Some of the brands I was able to include in my kit were from: Cover Girl, Kiss My Face, Jergens, Head and Shoulders, Pantene, Secret, Suave and more.

Suite Arrival is fast, easy, convenient, and a cost-effective way to have the comforts of home while you're on the road. It's also a nice way to try some new brands/products with little guilt because of the low cost. You'll also save time trying to piece together the personal care items you need in your home/and or transfering products to travel ready bottles. Gotta love that! - RLB


*This service was provided courtesy of Erica Taylor PR for reviewing purposes.

FS $25, GC

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