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11:00 AM- On the Hamptons Jitney on my way from Southampton to New York City to get ready for two airing at QVC, 10 PM tonight and 10AM tomorrow morning. It is Friday before July 4th weekend and while the rest of the country is getting ready for a holiday weekend I am heading off to work.

11:30 AM-
At the nail salon getting my nails polished. I do all the filing and nail care myself but let a professional polish them before I go on-air. I am of course wearing Pink Gel Coat my staple, but also what I will be presenting tonight and tomorrow.

12:30 PM-
I have arrived at Fredrick Fekkai salon to have my 5 gray hairs colored and my hair blown out. While I am waiting I call my office. First to check on Perfect Formula labels and packaging I was expecting in and then to follow-up on all Cosmetic Coatings work. Apart from creating and promoting the Perfect Formula brand I also run Cosmetic Coatings, the 2nd largest manufacturer of nail polish in the world. Everything is going according to schedule and we will be closing early for the Holiday weekend.

3:00 PM- Hair is finished and looks quite good. Hopefully it will last until 10 AM tomorrow morning. I will have to sleep very carefully.

3:15 PM-
Just reached my apartment in NYC. It is so quiet, which is very unusual. My husband, Rob, and my children, Sophia (3) and Ella (9 months) have already relocated to Southampton for the summer. I will travel back and forth from Southampton to work and to QVC.

3:30 PM- I will call and check on my family….Great!! They are visiting my sister, Heather. All the cousins are playing well together. With my crazy work schedule and hours I really appreciate having a sister that I am close with and takes good care of my kids. My husband Rob is a huge support, I would never be able to take care of the family and run my two businesses without him.

5:00 PM I am on the train heading to Philadelphia where my rep Jimmy will pick me up. We will go to dinner and then head to QVC for the airing tonight. I am starting to feel anxious about tonight’s airing. I have the “Hot Pick” so I have extra time to present the Pink Gel Coat but the sales expectations are very high. It is important that my presentation is flawless.

8:30 PM
I have arrived at QVC studios. I sign in and take a look at the log book to see who is here tonight. Laura Geller, Dr Denise, Peter Thomas Roth, Philosophy. I am so honored to be in a show with such successful brands. Then I realize Perfect Formula is a successful brand. I feel proud and nervous at the same time. I proceed to the green room to apply my own make- up. I always prefer to do it myself.

9:30 PM
I meet quickly with the host Patti Reilly. She is a huge fan of Pink Gel Coat and has really helped promote my products on QVC over the last 5 years.

9:50 PM Jimmy and I head out to the set and make sure the models are in the correct spot and the product looks on the table. We do a quick 30 second rehearsal. Jimmy heads back to the Green room to watch the stats and I stay on the set and wait for my segment.

10:15 PM
The cameras turn on and we start to sell.

10:30 PM
I am not sure how it went. We did a good job explaining the product. Patti mentions over 4000 sold. I am not sure if that is enough to meet the QVC requirement.

11:45 PM
I stay to see the final sales from my airing. They are good. I am going back to Jimmy’s partner’s house to go to sleep.

7:30 AM
I am getting dressed and ready for my 10 AM show.

9:00 AM
Jimmy and I head to the studio. My host this morning is Shawn Killinger. She is amazing. We have sold this product so many times I do not need to meet with her. I am on-air Saturday morning 10AM , 1st in the show. I could not ask for a better time slot.

10:00 AM
The airing begins. Shawn is great, and we get two wonderful testimonial calls. I love the calls because the product really works and it is great to hear when people love it.

10:45 AM
We far exceed our sales expectations and I am so pleased. Jimmy is driving me to the tiny airport next to the QVC parking lot. My cousin Jared is a pilot and has his own plane. He is picking me up to take me back to the Hamptons. It is a short 50 minute flight as opposed to the 5 + hours it would take me to get back to Southampton. As we fly off on this beautiful clear day I think about what a great 24 hours it has been. I then think about how excited I am to get back home and see my family.

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