Beauty Innovation - KROIA Foaming Moisturizer, Yellow Therapy Does a sunny yellow dress or bag make you feel happy or give you a little more pep in your step? If so, that could be the result of what Chromatherapy says is a benefit to being exposed to the color yellow.

Colour therapy (or chromotherapy) is an ancient form of therapy that recognizes certain colors are infused with healing and balancing energies. KROIA is a line of foaming moisturizers based on Chromatherapy developed by Karla Farach (whom I had the pleasure of meeting at a event at Georgia beauty boutique in NYC where she first introduced me to the line).

Farach believes that combining the principles of of chromotherapy the holistic practice of color-as-medicine, with gemstones and natural plant extracts, will bring harmony and balance to the skin.
There are three skin lines which are the Energizing Yellow Therapy, which I tested, as well as the Age Defying Pink Therapy and Soothing Blue Therapy. All three contain natural topaz crystal, ginseng and neroli flower extract.

I liked using a foaming moisturizer as a change of pace. The foam is very fine and soft (not like a typical shaving cream), and since it liquefied on contact, spread easily on my skin. It absorbed very quickly, while leaving a wonderful layer of moisture and sheen. The fragrance was also a fantastic, slightly citrus scent. After using on a regular basis, I saw a nice glow to the skin, and loved how light in feel the foam was, especially on very hot days. The container is light and slim, so it's also easy to pack for travel of the gym.

This is a wonderful product for those of you looking to brighten and hydrate skin, and provide a larger benefit to your whole being at the same time! - RLB

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*This product was provided courtesy of KROIA for reviewing purposes.

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