Body Care Find - Secret Clinical Strength Waterproof Advanced Solid, inc. Whether you are stuck in a subway in the middle of a heat wave in a beautiful blouse, wading in the pool at a tropical, humid local or just running around the city in the summer time, you will smell great and feel completely dry, confident and comfortable with Secret’s latest amazing deodorant, Secret Clinical Strength Waterproof Advanced Solid.

Secret Clinical Strength is a line that delivers prescription strength results to keep you dry and fresh for more than 12 hours, but also has skin soothing conditioners to keep skin soft, smooth and avoid irritation. The result - I was dry, comfortable and most of all confident in my clothing no matter how hot or humid it got while I used it.

The fact that this is a waterproof formula is also genius. If you like to spend a lot of time in the water, especially during the summer months, now you never have to worry about your protection fading away and having to reapply! The deodorant has a "dial" to dispense the product on the top, with just a few clicks of the dial on the bottom, and had a very creamy, dry-to-the-touch texture which felt great to apply. The scent is a flowery-powder hybrid, which is light enough that it won't interfere with any other fragrance you apply.

Although this version is made for swimmers and those in extreme heat/humid climates, I found that this
Secret Clinical Strength Waterproof version (there is also a light and fresh, sensitive and powder protection version), helped keep me the driest and freshest even on a basic warm/hot day in the city. Secret has also taken care to make sure this formula won't leave any stains or white marks on your clothes - another huge plus in my book. - RLB

Secret Clinical Strength Waterproof Advanced Solid All-Day Fresh Scent

This product was provided courtesy of DeVries PR for reviewing purposes., inc.

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