Budget Beauty - Clearasil Ultra Overnight Serum

Shop BigelowChemists.com Today! If you have a very mild, small, acne breakout or single pimple the day or two before a big event, I've found a great, budget friendly solution for you.

Clearasil Ultra Overnight Serum is a lightweight product designed just for an occasional blemish (not problem acne).

One evening, after washing my face, I dabbed a small pump of the serum on a recent little "surprise" that popped up on my cheek. The serum was light and absorbed very quickly. I made sure to apply it only to the pimple however, since it contains a high amount of salicylic acid, which can sometimes dry out the skin around the surrounding area.

The next morning, I was pleasantly surprised. I knew it wouldn't be a miracle treatment, but impressively, the blemish was at least 50% reduced in size, and the redness had dissapeared. The next evening I went through the same process and the following morning it was, in fact, almost completely gone.

This is a great solution for those of you who are looking for a fairly quick and easy solution to an occasional pimple right in your drugstore isle. - RLB

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