Hair Innovation - AVON Advanced Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield, Inc.Every summer there's a product that promises to control and or eliminate hair frizz, and believe me when I tell you my hopes are always high...but many times the reality is the product is sticky, only works early on in the day, or is just not effective for all hair types.

Now I've discovered Avon's Advance Techniques Lotus Shield and this frizz control product is the real deal!

It's a light, silky almost milky cream which I used on damp hair (both naturally curly and my own relaxed hair). I applied from the root to the ends after sectioning hair. When left to air dry, curls were smooth, soft and hydrated throughout the day (tested during some of these super humid summer days too!).

For relaxed hair, I had great results after blow drying/curling. My hair had a nice sheen and continued to lay flat, but without being weighed down or made stiff (especially the roots which are notorious for frizzing).

I was absolutely amazed at the difference a few dime-sized amounts of this cream lotion made for the hair. Because the texture is thin, for those of you with fine hair, you can start out with using a small amount and adjust. It doesn't have any gummy, greasy, heavy or sticky after effects. My hair remained soft with nice movement as well. Depending on how often you wash you hair, you can use this daily, or just when you need it, after dampening the hair with some water from a spray bottle, as I did with my little "sporty spice's" naturally curly hair.

Another plus is the nice fragrance - a little bit citrusy, but very fresh and light. This product can also be used as a quick hair fix on dry hair to calm down any flyaways or persistent hair strands with a bit of frizz. Just a small amount rubbed between the palms and on the the top and/or underside of hair will do the trick. Perfect for day/evening when you might be sporting a chic pulled back ponytail or updo as well.

This is truly a product that many hair types must have in your hair care arsenal! Curly, Wavy, and Relaxed girls who suffer from hair frizz as a result of humidity will all be smiling when you pull out th little orange bottle... - RLB

*This product was provided courtesy of Attention PR for reviewing purposes.

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