Nail Polish Find - CHANEL Le Vernis Paradoxal

Shop Today! If you were wondering why CHANEL would name one of their newest nail colors a "Paradox", you need to look no further than the color itself.

It's purple - but a grayed one with taupe mixed in for an extra dash of uniqness.

It's shimmery and irridencent in the bottle - but muted on the nail (more on that in a minute).

It's a dark "fall" color in theory - but it also works as a edigier neutral that can be worn even in summer because of it's "calm" tone.

CHANEL has started another craze among nail polish fans and CHANEL collectors with this new shade. I was able to snag some recently and it didn't disapoint!

In addition to everything I described about the shade above, depending on the light it can look deep purple or even putty gray. It’s a subtle, yet still distinctive shade (easily one of the most unique purple shades I’ve ever tried). Many of you who love CHANEL polishes will once again get a smooth, creamy formula which dries fairly quickly too. One coat gave me a nice depth of color, and some of you may want to leave it there. But with two coats, this color really revels in all its glory.

This greyed purple does have shimmer which can be seen faintly in sunlight. On the nail it’s a cooler color, and a bit muted, which makes it perfect for Fall, but for all you CHANEL nail polish fanatics, this is certainly a go for the summer if you want to go in a different direction from a bright pink, orange, coral or red for example.

This shade is sophisticated, modern and will work on everyone. I think it provides a striking contrast to paler skin, and really compliments tan and dark brown skin as well.

Grab 2 or 3 while you can. (Don't say I didn't warn you). - RLB

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vonnie said...

oh wow, that sounds DIVINE

Nail Accessories said...

Honestly, I really impressed with Chanel products. I have used the face powder, blush and mascara and think they are special.
Thanks for this nice article. I would like to buy its nail colors.