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In these sweltering summer months, you can hardly feel ashamed for feeling... well, less than "fresh," even if you took all the normal precautions (ie: plenty of deodorant and a spritz or two of your favorite summer scent). After all, you don't normally pat yourself down head to toe with moisture-absorbing powder before you set foot outside of the house on a hot summer afternoon like your grandmother would have back in the day. That is, until fragrance brand CLEAN put a fresh, lightweight spin on the rather retro hygiene product. The CLEAN Fresh Body Veil absorbs excess moisture and keeps you smelling fresh (with CLEAN's signature scent) while still feeling totally lightweight and clean!

The product, complete with its own adorable powder-puff applicator, utilizes Cotton Vantage, a new moisture-fresh technology that blends cotton seeds, cotton extracts, and cotton proteins to absorb icky perspiration that would normally build up over the course of a long summer day. And don't worry about your clothing -- this product is made to protect delicate, moisture-sensitive fabrics, so both you and your sundress will stay fresh despite the humidity!

- Alex Gambardella

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