Brush Up Your Blush On The Go With The Temptu Retouch

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As someone who takes public transportation to work, sometimes my morning at-home beauty routine ends up being more, well, not at home. While it's certainly easier to apply my makeup in front of a well-lit mirror with my entire spread of cosmetics arranged in front of me (okay, more like strewn all over the counter in front of me), sometimes I lose track of time and just grab whatever I need for the day and apply on my bumpy train ride to work. Surprisingly, I've mastered the craft of on-the-go beautifying, so I don't end up looking quite as disastrous as you'd might expect (at least I hope not), but oftentimes I end up skimping on even the most basic products -- either because I accidentally left it sitting on my bathroom sink, or because my jostling bus ride simply doesn't allow for the full treatment.

One thing I almost always have difficulty applying in a hurry, strangely enough, is blush or bronzer. After all, it's kind of the least important step out of my routine (if I had to pick one), but sometimes I find myself wishing I had something to touch up with on the go. Enter the Temptu Retouch Brush. Temptu, which is known for its makeup airbrushing system, has also created a series of "travel" beauty items that give you the "I actually spent time on myself this morning" look. With a built-in brush, you can apply or touch up throughout the day in a single step, rather than having to bring a separate brush and blush (especially if it's loose powder!) along with you. It's not exactly a novel concept, but it's definitely the most streamlined version I've seen, and at $40, they better have it perfected!

- Alex Gambardella

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