Drugstore Buy of the Week - Garnier Blow Dry Perfector

This product was used by one of our guest testers who has naturally wavy hair, which is not colored or dry, but is prone to frizz on the ends.

drugstore.com It's not often I choose a product to feature on this blog which has a lot of "Don'ts". But if you fall into the right category, this is a fantastic, "next level" hair treatment, available right in your drugstore (which will give you salon worthy results for 7 shampoos)!

Let's start with what the Garnier Blow Dry Treatment is: This is an at home, 2-step treatment which smooths and coats the hair shaft, providing additional shine, leaving hair slightly straighter and more receptive to smoothing and strightening further with a blow dryer and/or flat iron.

Here is what it's not: A relaxer, conditioning straightening balm, a Brazilan brow dry treatment, or a Keratin treatment.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, here's the VERY important part. This is a product meant to be used by a woman with a very specific hair type. If you fall into any of these categories, do NOT use this product.

  • Dry hair
  • Relaxed hair (sorry!)
  • Damaged hair
  • Hair that has already been treated with a Brazilian or Keratin treatment

So who is it ideally for?

For women with naturally straight, wavy or loosely curly hair that is prone to frizz and regually uses a blow dryer/flat iron to create a smooth, ultra straight effect after washing.

Here are a few tips from our tester:

  • You must have proper ventillation when you use this treatment, as the first step has a VERY strong chemical smell (you can't have it all girls!). So open your windows, add a fan to the bathroom, etc. -
  • Be prepared to have your hair feel very saturated after applying the 2 steps. Hair will feel much heavier and "slicker" after applying both products, and your blow dry time (the first time) will be slightly longer to dry than normal. - RLB


"After carefully applying the 2 steps and then doing my standard blow dry, I have to say my hair looked fantastic. I could really see a difference in the level of shine, and how much straighter my hair looked after using the treatment.

My hair was very smooth, soft and I expereinced no breakage or dryness. The day after the treatment, I noticed that my ends, which are ususally the first thing to start getting frizzy, as well as the front of my hair, were still perfectly flat and smooth - a big difference from what my hair usually looks like the day after a blow out!

Since the product promises to give the same results through 7 shampoos, I took notes as to how my hair looked for the next week and a half (I washed every other day). I have to say, I didn't begin to see my normal frizz until about the last shampoo, when I used a flat iron quickly to get it to the same level of straightness. During the week and a half, my hair continued to have great shine, and never felt heavy, greasy or like it was "coated" with product.

I was very impressed. I think this is great to do before going on a vacation to a very humid climate, especially if you have a big event (e.g. destination wedding), and don't want to worry about keeping a nice sleek, straight look." - L.P.

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*This product was courtesy of Garnier PR for reviewing purposes.


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