Fragrance Find - Forbidden Rose by Avril Lavigne, Inc. In today's crowded fragrance market, many perfumes are designed and "marketed" towards a particular segment e.g. teens, 20-somethings, the over 50 crowd, sporty athletic women, etc.

However, my point of view has always been if a fragrance has a combination of originality, interesting packaging (name helps too), good staying power, nice development and/or complexity of the fragrance notes with time, I will use it. It doesn't matter whether the bottle has pink balloons, Hello Kitty, purple diamonds, red bow ties, gold hardware, etc. on it - and even if I am not the "intended target".

Many of you know that I really was quite taken with Avril Lavigne's first fragrance, Black Star. With this second perfume, Avril is going in a somewhat darker, ediger direction, but still keeping a touch of sweetness and femininity that certainly won't alienate her core Avril fans. I think this scent does scucceed in that regard. The bottle is cute (albeit simple in it's approach) and keeps a similar shape/details from Black Star. For instance, the bottle has a star shape, this time elongated, and the liquid is purple, not pink. There's a cute silver ring around the bottle cap again, underneath the black rose cap, which can be worn as jewelry.

So, even if you're not a teenager (or one of Avril's core music fans), I encourage you to read on for the actual scent experience. This is a fragrance that you should go "out side of your confort zone" to try, if you wouldn't find yourself initially drawn to it.

The first thing to note is that the scent doesn't actually have rose notes. The "Black Rose" is part of Avril's theme of fantasy and to "Dare to Discover", with a nod to fairy tales like Alice in Wonderland and the new "Twilight" series.

The opening is a crisp, fresh apple, which blends quickly with a lovely white peach note which is full and long lasting, but never overly sweet. The bourbon pepper added a unique, dry/sweet element which in the opening as well. Then the floral notes like heliotrope and lotus flower came in, which were light and aquatic and rounded out the top notes very nicely. The white peach stayed subtely in the background thoughout the fragrance. The dry down is soft and warm with a touch of continued sweetness thanks to sandalwood and a nice, sophisticated blend of vanilla and chocolate notes.

This perfect for day time, weekend outings and I loved a light touch up in the evening before going out. I got many compliments on this scent while wearing it, and almost everyone (including my hubby) was surprised when I told them it was Avril Lavigne. But my point is they shouldn't have been! There are many fragrance treasures in this world today, and they come from fashion houses, large perfumiers with hundrends of years of creations, designers, niche perfumers...and now, more and more from celebrities - RLB

*This fragrance was provided courtesy of P&G Prestige for reviewing purposes., Inc.


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