Impulse Buy of the Week - Estee Lauder TurboLash All Effects Motion Mascara Vibrating mascara hit the market about a year ago. Many of you may have written them off as just a gimmick - and some of them very well may be just that.

But not Estee Lauder's TurboLash All Effects Motion Mascara.

I was thrilled with this motorized mascara, which applied easily (smooth motions from the root of the lashes up), didn't flake, smudge, or run, and gave me great seperation and length with no clumping.

The way the wand works is (after adding the included mini battery in the head of the wand), the brush begins to vibrate each time you untwist the cap (you can hear a low level hum). The wand will continue to vibrate until you are done using it and put the wand back in the tube and twist it closed. The actual brush is a traditional one, with a large number of tapered bristles. The formula is a bit of a liquid/gel hybrid, and very lightweight.

The oscillating brush really allowed me to get a very enhanced (yet still natural looking) seperated lash. It lenghthened and added a nice black sheen with some added volume as well. What I loved about the formula is that it was very buildable without any additional clumping or sticking - when I wanted a bit more of an impact lash at night, I could easily add about 2 more coats with no problem.

No matter how many layers I applied, my lashes remained nice and soft, flexible, which I loved as well. One thing to note is that the very first time you use it, it may tickle a little (not painful or long lasting). The key is to palce the wand at the base of the lashes and move upwards on the lash, which will lesson that "ticklish" feeling the first few times you use it.

I've been using this little gem almost every single day since getting it, and plan on bringing it with me on a upcoming trip, packing it in this lovely cosmetic bag! - RLB

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