Impulse Buy of the Week - Tarte Beauty in a Box: Bronze Smoky Eye Beauty in a Box: Bronze Smoky Eye, inc. When it comes to smoky eyes kits, I’m not always a fan quite honestly – sometimes the products are not very good quality or very original, and/or the steps involved are too intricate (even for me!).

But tarte, which makes one of my all time favorite primers; Tarte Clean Slate and mascaras; Tarte Lights, Camera, Splashes! Waterproof Mascara , has come up with Sephora's The Limited Edition Tarte Beauty in a Box: Bronze Smoky Eye , which also manages to put a nice little twist on the traditional eye colors included in most smoky eye kits.

Tarte Beauty in a Box: Bronze Smoky Eye allowed me to create a pretty deep bronze smoky eye, which was softer that the usual black or navy blue, and perfect for summer/early fall. The amount of products included is fantastic.

It contains 4 full sized products - a beautiful deep purple eyeliner pot, lock and roll Eyeshadow duo, primer, bronzer and nude lip gloss stain duo. The 2 other two products in the kit are deluxe sizes
(great for travel), the Deluxe Mineral Powder Bronzer, park ave princess and the Tarte Lights, Camera, Splashes! Waterproof Mascara .

The eyeliner was beautiful and very easy to apply. It lasted all day with no smudging. The lock and roll was a beautiful champage and gold duo, and again, gave me all day wear with no creasing or fading. I really liked the nude lip gloss stain duo as well. It gave me a perfect (“your lips but better”) effect with the nice subtle sheen of the golden shimmer gloss after the stain dried. As always, I found the lip products very moisturizing as well. The mascara, is always a winner in my book. It gave me beautiful length and definition to my lashes, with no flaking, smudging and truly stayed on in all humidity and even the pool!

All of the eye products will work on all skin tones. The bronzer will be a little light for very dark brown skin, but could be mixed or applied along with your favorite bronzer/blush as a highlighter. For those of you who like a step by step application map, there is cute and a very easy-to-follow one included on the box, so no worries if it sounds like a lot of work to achive this look!

This is really a fantastic deal and a great way to try some new Tarte products you may have never used before. Great teamwork between Sephora & Tarte! - RLB

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*This product was provided courtesy of Tarte Cosmetics for reviewing purposes.

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