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New Customer FS_$50 Offer Although most of the products I review are for women, I love discovering great men's products for all my male readers (and for my hubby of course!).

He's very active and a "man's man" who likes attractive packaging (but not fussy or feminine). The products must do what they say, smell good (but again, not too strong or fussy) and be easy to throw in a bag on the go.

The Jack Black line is heaven for my husband, and I recommend it highly to all the men who love reading Palacinka Beauty Blog, or as a great grooming idea for the man in your life.

Three products in particular were really a hit for him. The Oil Free Sun Guard (pictured, above), was lighweight and didn't make his skin feel greasy or sticky. After days running around in hot humid weather, or a long day at the beach, he found the formula stayed on and his skin didn't have nearly as much burning as usual. He could easily use it on his face and it didn't sting his eyes or clog his pores.

Another fantastic product is the body wash, Turbo Wash. He loved the smell which he found clean and fresh and perfect post work out. It cleansed well without leaving after residue or making his skin dry/flaky.

After shaving, he also loved using the Double Duty Moisturizer, which had a nice, soft cushiony feel, absorbed quickly and gave him great moisture and soothing after a shave.

The fact that is also has SPF was perfect for him as well, as it meant he was able to be done with his skin routine even quicker.

The fact that Jack Black products are also certified organic made him feel even better about the line! - RLB

*Jack Black products were provided courtesy of Jack Black for reviewing purposes.

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