Shimmery & Matte Highlighters To Help You Brighten Up In a Flash

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If I'm running particularly late, or am just feeling way too lazy to go through all my beautifying motions on any given day, one product I'll never skimp on is highlighter. Either as a pencil or in the form of my lightest eyeshadow shade, just a quick swipe under my brows and in the inner corners of my eyes surprisingly does wonders in making me look fresh and ready for the day, and totally making my peepers stand out even without the full eyeshadow treatment. After all, just ask Carmindy of "What Not to Wear" -- shimmery highlighter is always a basic step she uses on all of her makeover specimen to create a brighter, more "awake" appearance!

When it comes to the question of shimmery over matte, it really depends on the rest of my makeup. If I'm going for an otherwise minimal makeup look -- or the rest of my makeup is matte -- I like to go for a shimmery champagne for a soft sparkly look. However, over-shimmering your makeup can make your look go from fresh to garish, so for those days you're feeling a bit heavy-handed with the sparkly shadow or bronzer, opt for a matte highlighter to balance the glitz. Of course, brow highlighters look best when used to accentuate a neat, tidy brow -- otherwise you'll only be emphasizing the stray hairs you were too tired to pluck out!

- Alex Gambardella

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Sloan said...

Wow i like this. Hope it's make me attractive.

El Bilson said...

These are such pretty shades - thanks for sharing!