Tokidoki Does it Again!, Inc. A few months ago I shared with you some great Super Cute! picks from Sephora's Tokidoki line. I recently stumbled upon 3 new ones that you'll love too!

Tokidoki Pittura Brush Set This adorable brush set for eyes contains three of the most popular Tokidoki characters, The Mozzarella Eyeshadow Brush (center), Adios Amigos Crease Brush (right) and Donutella Angled Eyeliner Brush (left) - (gotta love that play on Donatella Versace's name don't you?).

These synthetic brushes are very soft and work well for average, every day makeup looks (they are not made for professionals). I really liked the eyeliner brush in particular, which picked up the color very well and had a nice angle for applying only my lash line. The brush handles are on the longer side, which make them very easy to apply color. The cute characters on the top of the handles are 3D figures -not flat, which adds another great touch to the detail of the brushes. If you're in the market for a larger brush for blush, highlighter or bronzer, try their Kabuki brush, which I also love.

Tokidoki Vanita Mirror If you're looking for a portable mirror that also makes a statement, this is it! It has a regular mirror on one side and a 3x magnification mirror on the other.

Again, the graphic design is very pretty. The compact features a three dimentional etching collage of various Tokidoki characters on the front. The mirror itself has a nice weight due to it's metal content. There is also a pretty little etching of one of the characters on the mirror inside. The mirror is kept closed with little magnets. Because of it's weight, you may choose to leave this on a vanity or office desk for last minute touch ups. This also makes a perfect beauty gift.

Tokidoki Cartina Blotting Paper 100 Sheets Blotting papers are an absolute must in my book, particularly in the hot summer months. Why not carry a pack that's cute as well?
These work very well at grabbing excess oil on the face, and have a paper texture (not a rubber texture like some blotting sheets). I liked that the sheets are slightly larger than the average blotting sheets as well. They have no powder or fragrance.

Try just one or all of these new additions to the line- you'll smile every time you use them! - RLB, Inc.

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