Beauty Innovation - Ricky’s Anti-Frizz Comb I first heard whispers about this revolutionary comb that promised to help with frizzy hair earlier this past May and I was instantly intrigued…Then I found out several top hair stylists began using it for runway shows and the models loved it too.

So I tweeted about it over the summer and many of you were equally as interested to see what this comb could really do too by your twitter responses!

It’s been hard to find, but I recently got my hands on the NO-FRIZZ WAVE comb and I have to say, this may just be the future of hair care.

The line of combs (there are 6 styles) are made from a revolutionary plastic with olive-oil “baked” right in. The comb deposits a non-greasy coat of oil with each stroke that smooth and tame flyaway’s, and more importantly, frizz!

I found this works wonders on curly/ and loosely wavy/curly hair. The larger, NO-FRIZZ WAVE comb pictured is perfect for this. It’s best used on dry hair. With each stroke, I could see and feel the smoothness (yet hair was not greasy or oily in any way because the type of oil used is a dry oil). During very high humidity, using this comb in combination with a great anti-frizz product (Avon lotus shield) make a winning combination! The comb is good for about 25,000 stokes (about a year’s worth of combing – yay!).

If you have relaxed and/or very dry hair, this also will help with overall taming of flyaway’s and adding a bit of sheen, while gently grooming the hair without breakage.

With a price tag of $5.99 this is a comb you need to buy a few of to have in your travel bag, purse, gym bag, bathroom, etc. I predict we will see more and more hair tools with everything from shine serums, anti-breakage products, conditioners and even soft hold hair spray baked (or sprayed in the case of bushes perhaps) right into them. Get it now! - RLB


BlaqVixenBeauty said...

Why am I not surprised that this comb is available at Ricky's?! I gotta pick up a few of these asap!

Sloan said...

Nice comb.