Natural Beauty Find - Alba Rainforest Collection Alba is a fantastic natural skin care line found in drugstores. They’ve recently launched the new Rainforest Collection, which is designed to help renew, repair and revitalize skin and hair with moisturizing, emollient-rich oils derived from some of the world's most beneficial fruits and nuts.

What’s great about this line is not only are they effective and fantastic smelling products with natural ingredients, but Alba Botanica adheres to a strong Rainforest Eco Platform for the Rainforest line of premium skin and hair care products--from ingredients to packaging.

A few of the products from the line I recommend are the
Alba Botanica Rainforest Andiroba Exfoliating Body Wash and the Alba Botanica Rainforest Andiroba Renewal Body Lotion.

The body wash is brown (you’ve been forewarned!) and slightly like “liquid sand” in it’s consistency, but don’t let that give you pause. As soon as I combined the body wash with water it became white and creamy with some bubbles (this is a low suds product). I also really loved the fragrance – slightly sweet, slightly spicy with a bit of green freshness to it. It cleansed very well and the exfoliation was mild but effective (perfect for those of you with more sensitive skin). The Andiroba oil, which is its signature ingredient, was also helpful in keeping my skin moist and added a nice bit of sheen after rinsing off as well. The scrub’s granules are from finely ground Andiroba seeds, rich in myristic acid to promote cellular renewal.

After using the body wash, I loved pairing it with the ANDIROBA Renewal Body Lotion, which also features the Andiroba Oil which helps soothe and heal skin. The texture is light and slightly thin, which made it glide on my skin easily. It absorbed fairly quickly and also featured that nice fragrance in the body wash, with a bit more of a Cocoa Butter smell due it being in this product’s blend. I found it made my skin very soft, and kept it nicely hydrated. This formula will work best for normal to slighty dry body skin.

This is a wonderful line for those of you seeking a reasonably priced natural body care line that also contributes positively to communities involved in the sourcing of the ingredients in the product. Very well done! - RLB

Alba Botanica Rainforest Andiroba Exfoliating Body Wash

Alba Botanica Rainforest Andiroba Renewal Body Lotion

*Products were provided courtesy of Alba PR for reviewing purposes.

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