Super Cute! - Nail Fraud, inc. Cute patterns, easy to apply at home and no chipping? Sign me up for these Nail Fraud press on nail stickers!

The Nail Fraud kit comes with 40 nail "films", an emery board and a pencil case holder to store them.

The leopard print is absolutely adorable. While I've had issues with applying press on type nails in the past, these were relatively easy to work with.

With 20 sets for each hand, it was easy to find a size that was close to each of my nails. Then I peeled a film off, carefully pressed it down on my nail bed (this is the part that you should take your time with so it doesn't leave any gaps or budges). Then I simply filed any excess film off with the included emery board. Voila! I was done after about 10 minutes. The films are waterproof, don't crack or peel off and stay on for about a 5-7 days depending on how much wear and tear they receive.

There are several patterns and colors, so you can mix, match and change them from week to week if you like! Great little treat for those of you who are nail obsessed! Since there are already a few designer/celebrity band-aid and temporary tattoo collaborations (Cythnia Rowley and Beyonce to be exact), expect to see some really fun designs from more designers, celebrities and fashion brands turn up in the next few months as this "press on" trend continues to grow. - RLB

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Sloan said...

Wow what a nice design.