24 Hours With...Shedelle Holmes

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Shedelle Holmes is a celebrity hair stylist in NYC specializing in weaving and blowouts. She has provided hairstyling to top models, actresses, and editorial work, including Naomi Campbell, Whitney of America's Next Top Model Cycle 8, Bravo TV, New York Fashion Week, and many more.

8:00 AM Rise and shine, breakfast time!

8:30 AM Picking out today's outfit, done!

9:32 AM Hair done, dressed and ready to take on a busy day. Jump in my car and I'm off to the city!

10:10 AM In the elevator heading up to the salon. Today's schedule; one client for a weave and one for a deep conditioning treatment and blowout.

11:30 AM Just finished my first client of the day, her hair is healthy and full of movement!

11:45 AM Taking Lunch! Meeting one of my best friends to catch up. We have such hectic schedules is hard to keep up with one another.

1:00 PM Back to the salon for round two! Time to get to weaving!

5:00 PM Finished! My client is extremely happy. She says I work miracles (I laugh). Her extensions definitely helped enhance her natural beauty and gave her an extra boost of confidence.

5:20 PM Walking out of the building. Heading to Ricki's to pick up some supplies for my kit.

5:31 PM Just got an email from both of my publicists Lauren and Mallory at Dream Cartel in regards to my feature in JUICY Magazine. They say the response is great!

5:40 PM At Ricki's, so love this store!

6:10 PM Meeting with a real estate agent to view an Upper East Side property. Scouting places for my own salon space!

6:35 PM Definitely loved the space and it's at the top of my list.

6:40 PM Leaving the city; heading home to finish packing for my flight to Atlanta. Away for 4 days. My schedule consists of clients and some relaxation.

7:20 PM Home sweet home! Time to freshen up.

9:52 PM The cab is here and I'm off to the airport.

11:10 PM I board the flight and I can't wait to sleep!

11:45 PM Seat belt fastened; prepared for take off. Atlanta here I come!

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