Halloween Beauty Find - OPI Full Moon Nail Colour

Try one of Sephora's newest launches in a deluxe sample - FREE. Enter Code MYCHOICE at checkout. I've just discovered another fun and inexpensive way to add a touch of Halloween fun to whatever you decide to become that night...
It's SEPHORA by OPI Nail Colour Full Moon Nail Colour
which is an opaque white polish - that glows in the dark a bright green shade! So fun for Halloween...or just a fun night out when you want to be a conversation piece.

Keep in mind this formula is much thicker than most of their other shades, so I found that at least 3 coats were needed to get a nice, even finish. Then I added a top coat to make the finish smoother. After that however, it was fun time! The glow is a true bright green, and the polish has very good wear. I would love to see more glow shades in the future to go with various costume themes - orange, bright pink, etc...

Try wearing it on toes, or experiment with a variation on a French manicure...enjoy! - RLB

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