Men's Grooming Find - Frederick Benjamin Hair Care, inc. I recently met Michael James the founder and creator of the Frederick Benjamin men's natural hair care line at a beauty event at Georgia Beauty Boutique here in New York.

I was instantly impressed with the focus for the line - natural, hydrating hair care for men - in particular with curly and or kinky/curly hair, as well and the look and feel of the packaging.

Michael has a long background in cosmetic and hair care product development with over ten years of experience with Revlon and L’Oreal. He came up with the idea for this line after he could not find a line that met his personal preferences. The products he used were either unpleasantly fragranced or laced with ingredients that worked against the very problem he was looking to solve, which was a product with a light, fresh fragrance while invigorating, cleansing and hydrating normal to dry scalp and hair without weight and grease.

I had my husband try the line, and while his hair is straight/wavy, it does get dry on the ends, and since he's very active, he's likes a fresh smelling hydrating shampoo/conditioner that's easy to work with.

His initial reaction was to the scent - this is a truly fresh, minty product line. The mint fragrance is of the spearamint variety - which is much different from many mint scented products on the market today. While the scent is very prominent, it's not overpowering. This makes it perfect post work out or for an early morning pick me up.

He loved how clean and hydrated the shampoo made his hair feel and he loved the conditioner as well, which made his hair very smooth and shiny without weighing it down. There's also a daily hydrating cream in the line, which is perfect for men with drier, curly and curly/kinky hair, that's also light and absorbs easily.

If you're a man looking for a new hair care line, I recommend you try Frederick Benjamin, and ladies, if you're looking to help your signifcant other branch out and really make his hair look the best it can, pick up some for him- he'll thank you later! - RLB

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Ava said...

I deffinetely has to buy those for my bf! He has terribly dry , curly hair, and I am looking for a good shampoo&conditioner for him.

(ps. I am a beginner beauty blogger,, and I would love some feedback!)