Nail Polish Find - Ginger + Liz Color Collection

Get a FREE mini Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick in Amsterdam. Available exclusively at Sephora. Code: AMSTERDAM For a nail polish lover like me, Ginger + Liz Colour Collection is like a breath of fresh air!
These candy colored, fashion-forward vegan friendly, toxin-free nail polishes are worth every bit of the buzz I've been hearing about them over the last year.
I tried three shades which were very different from anything I currently had in my nail polish collection, and I was really pleased with not only the unique, flattering colors, formula and finishes, but the long wear.

Boy Toy (shown left) is a super fun shade with a great name to boot! It's a robin egg blue (with 2 full coats it almost appeared a "Tiffany" blue with it's mix of aquamarie). I got SO many compliments on this shade when I wore it.
The formula is creamy and medium weight. The brush was also fantastic to work with. It's a little wider than the average brush and it grabbed on to the polish perfectly for a easy application. Two coats gave me beautiful pigmented color and the shine was excellent as well. The polish was also quick to dry and I got a week's wear of my manicure before any chipping.

Here are two other shades are also worthy of adding to your collection. Tuck Me In, (shown below center), is a great metallic silver, which you'll love even if you're not usually a metallic (or silver) nail color person. It's a dense, deep silver with the perfect amount of shimmer and shine. This is also great on toes with killer heels!
Tough Luxe (shown at the bottom) is another love of mine. It appeared to me at first like a shimmery grey/bronze shade, but it's acutally an deep army green, and on the nail I loved the beautiful shimmery gold accents. It's sparkly and feminine, but still a little edgy. Perfect! - RLB Go--> Ginger + Liz Color Collection

Products provided courtesy of Ginger + Liz PR for reviewing purposes.

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