Beauty Innovation - Beyonce Temptu Dereon Temporary Tattoos If you've seen the multi-talented Beyonce's music videos, you know that she can carry off modern, futuristic, "edgy" looks - as well as glamorous, retro looks.

Now Beyonce has teemed up with Temptu to launch her very own Limited Edition TEMPTU Deréon Temporary Tattoos - Collector's Edition , which were inspired by a "futuristic-meets biker girl" aesthetic. There are three Collector's edition covers (two of them are shown at left), each with 8 tattoo sheets. The designs feature everything from spiders, gems, pearls, chandellier necklaces, bones, spikes and the Dereon fluer de lys. The tattoos will work on arms, the back, ankes, hands, and even the neck or stomach if you are so inclined!

The tattoo designs are very similar to many of the ones Beyonce is seen in for Dereon ad campaigns that each Temptu Dereon Tattoo cover also features.
Please note the tattoos have been resized to a smaller scale for easy at-home application, so they are NOT as large as the ones you see on Beyonce in the photos.

The tattoos come in a beautifully designed CD inspired cover with the inside holding the 8 tattoo sheets (which contain 34 individual tattoos shown in the bottom picture) and the 10 application pads.
You should also know these are some of the most top of the line temporary tattoos on the market - a special formula provides a precise transfer of the tattoos for up long wear.
They are fast drying and water resistant as well. The color and designs looked crisp, clear and very authentic on me! So much so, several people asked where I got my new tattoos! I got at least 4 days of wear before they started to fade and peel away.The designs allow you to really play and have fun with your creativity. You can place them in patterns to create your own "tattoo jewelry", or just use them individually on small, selected areas.

I think this is a great idea and look forward to new designs for future seasons as well. - RLB

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*This product was provided by Dereon PR for reviewing purposes.

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