Find Your Perfect Liner With Sephora's Little Black Eyeliner Kit

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In the grand scheme of beauty buys, it's hard to pick one favorite product. Not like I'd ever realistically be faced with the dilemma of choosing just one beauty product (believe me -- I'll always find a way to buy makeup, even if it's the last dime I spend), if I had to hypothetically pick one, it would definitely be black eyeliner. Even if I'm completely makeup-starved otherwise, eyeliner at least provides a great foundation by emphasizing your eyes and thus framing your face and making yourself look instantly more alert and less washed-out. However, despite my longtime allegiance to eyeliner, I have to admit I still have commitment issues when it comes to choosing one favorite. I've bounced from high-end to drugstore brands (which aren't much more affordable, mind you!) and from pencils to gel and beyond, but I have yet to find one simple black liner that I can faithfully swear by.

Clearly I'm not alone, as Sephora has decided to cash in on our never-ending search for the perfect eyeliner by creating The Little Black Eyeliner kit, a collection of 7 mini versions of their best-selling liners (plus an eyeliner brush) that spans across their selection of brands (Urban Decay, Hourglass, Tarte, and more) and formulas (gel, liquid, pencil, etc). After all, if you're going to buy a different liner every time you run out, you might as well be thrifty about it and test out some of the best of the best in your quest for the ideal budge-proof, impact-making liner!

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