Get a Rosy, Bronze, or Glowing Complexion with Urbanglow Cream Highlight

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Ever since I realized that just slapping on some foundation and calling it a day just wasn't doing my skin or my cheekbones any justice, I'd been on the look-out for the perfect complexion-enhancing product. Blush, bronzer, or highlighter -- I've collected more than my share of them all, but the search never seemed to end for a product that gives me a universally flattering glow, no matter what look I'm trying to achieve or other makeup shades I'm wearing on any given day.

As a result, I've built up an annoyingly extensive arsenal of products that I swap out depending on the rest of my makeup look of the moment, but until the just-released Urbanglow Cream Highlighter was released by Urban Decay, I had yet to find the perfect go-to product! While I normally stray from cream-based highlighters for my cheeks (especially as someone who's self-conscious about my pores), this formula is so silky sheer that it doesn't feel caked on or sticky.

Because of its sheerness, it's also amazing versatile -- depending on your shade of choice, you can build the color gradually for a more sunkissed look, or sweep on a light layer for just the slightest shimmery sheen! You can also sweep it on your collarbone or brow bone for a fresh dewy look that can be tough to pull off with most powder-based products! Despite the deceptively edgy skull packaging, I have to give props to Urban Decay for their more practical yet gorgeous recent releases!

-Alex Gambardella

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