I'm Featured in AOL News! - Perfume Company Bets Consumers Want to Smell Like Gaga

Up to 75% OFF I was recently interviewed by AOL News about Lady Gaga's recent announcement that she was releasing a fragrance. She has partnered with the huge fragrance house Coty, and the fragrance will launch in Spring 2012.

There are those who feel celebrity scents have had their day, but there's really no end in sight to the number to celebrities who are planning - or currently launching new fragrances.

Here's a taste of what I had to say...
"Even when J. Lo doesn't have an album or a movie, she puts out two fragrances a year -- the industry term is 'flankers' -- because they support the original brand," Baranja said. "People look to her for style and she looks like she'd actually wear them."

Let me know what you think...will you be buying Lady Gaga's fragrance when it launches? - RLB

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