Natural Beauty Find - Liz Earle Naturally Active Hair Care I was very excited to hear one of my favorite natural beauty brands, Liz Earle was launching a hair care line. I love the simple, calming,yet still modern squeeze tube packaging.
The good news doesn't end there thankfully! The Botanical Shine Shampoo is fantastic. It has a lovely creamy lather and a nice fresh, green, slightly woody scent. I loved the way it cleansed without stripping my hair. It left it soft, clean, moisturized and yes, shiny! The shampoo contains lots of natural ingredients that care and nourish hair like West African shea butter, vitamin E and apple and orange extracts.
This is truly a shampoo for all hair types. Not only did it do a great job on relaxed hair, but also my daughter's naturally wavy hair and my husbands naturally straight hair.
For the conditioner, I used the Dry/Damaged version and was again very pleased. It was light and creamy, with that fantastic scent. It made my hair smooth and soft, but not weighed down or oily in any way. My hair was easy to comb out after rinsing and I loved the shine and texture after blow drying it.

This hair line is definitely in the "luxe" natural product category, but worth every penny! - RLB

Go--> Liz Earle Naturally Active Hair Care
These products were provided courtesy of Liz Earl PR for reviewing purposes.


luminess said...

If you want to have that gorgeous and shiny hair? Use this product its absolutely amazing.

Anonymous said...

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ELEANOR said...

Yay for a positive review of a natural shampoo suitable for blondes! I feel exactly the same as you with them making my hair dull. Scent sounds lovely too. xx

Shea Butter said...

My worse beauty nightmare was when I decided to dye my hair “Little Mermaid” red and I used the L’Oreal red dye…it was a while back when the product had so many chemicals in it, it would sting your eyes like a burning fire. Unfortunately not only did it get into my eyes but the red got all over my favourite top and stained my fingers for about a week! Decided to never dye my hair again…at least not with an OTC product:)