Clinique's "Pretty Day Into Night Looks" is a Gift of Gorgeous Basics!

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Is it just me, or do holiday makeup sets get more glitzy and glittery each year? Don't get me wrong -- I love me some sparkle -- but I can't help but notice that most gift sets lately seem to be a little heavy-handed with the glamour. I may be all about high-shine glittery lip glosses and brilliant liners and shadows in the boldest colors of the rainbow, but since you're likely not shopping for me (though I certainly won't stop you!), what about the more demure girls on your list who still love to be pampered with festive brand-name beauty sets?

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Clinique to create the ultimate makeup gift set dedicated to the gals who appreciate the subtle shades of the makeup spectrum. The "Pretty Day Into Night Looks" set is for the girl on your list who loves makeup, but wants flattering shades she can wear all the time, day or night. The collection of 5-piece set features products that can be applied sparingly for the perfect natural look during the day, but amped up at night for a little extra drama. It even contains a booklet of expert tips on how to transition your look from the AM to PM, so it's the perfect set for the girl who doesn't already have a makeup collection that rivals the Sephora shelves!

- Alex Gambardella