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Up to 50% off select lines while stocks last Anna Dello Russo, stylist, proclaimed "fashion maniac" and Editor at Large of Vogue Nippon, has become quite a sensation in the last few years.

She's known for her unique, bold and fun fashion style and is always at the the biggest fashion shows, parties and events all over the world.

Anna has turned her fame into a unique fragrance project. The scent, Anna Dello Russo, is the first of it's kind to be sold exclusively online via designer clothing site,

The packaging is just dead on glam and head turning. The shiny golden blown polished glass shoe also doubles as a Christmas tree ornament (and includes a small gold cord for hanging), since it was launched during the 2010 holiday season. Brilliant!

The Eau de toilette scent was designed with Anna's Italian childhood in mind. She wanted warm sweet scents to remind her of the Italian holiday treats her mother baked. The main fragrance notes are Vanilla and Almond, with the almond starting out the most prominent on my skin. The scent is tempered with some warmer, drier and nut-like notes to balance out the sweetness, which truly made it like walking around with my very own little biscotti around me all day - yummy!

This is a perfect scent around the holidays, but also winter time in general. I will definitely be re-stocking this one!

Important Note: This perfume bottle and must be handled with extreme care for it is extremely fragile glass. It could easily break into sharp fragments. Keep out of reach of children.

Anna Dello Russo Fragrance 8ml

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Up to 50% off select lines, while stocks last

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