Super Cute! - Betty Crocker Molten Caramel Cake Lip Balm, Inc. Did you know that Betty Crocker has a line of AMAZINGLY Delicious flavored lip balms? They are licensed via the Boston America company.

The quality and spot-on flavors in the line are fantastic - there's sure to be a Betty Crocker cake, cookie or frosting flavor that you'll be drawn to (especially if you love chocolate!).

One of my favorites was from the Warm Delights line, in Molton Caramel Cake. The chocolate, caramel and sugar come through in a really nice blend that is about as authentic as you can get outside of actually having the cake in front of you. The balm is smooth, hydrating and not sticky or greasy. It works well under lip color as well.

Believe me, this is a little beauty treat that great for your lips and your waistline! - RLB

Go-->Betty Crocker Molten Caramel Cake Lip Balm

The Betty Crocker (and Pillsburry!) lip balms can also be found in many Claire's stores across the country., Inc.


teeth whitening strips said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmm just the name makes me want to try it

rabbit vibrator said...

They sound yummy, glossy lips too

Alicia Wilke said...

I love these lip balms. They have special inkbotdesign that is very extraordinary. I don't like to see boring designs.